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Darwin never could have predicted that rabbits would evolve the ability to build burrows out of piping and linoleum.

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!
   -Tim L.

Beef - it's what's for dinner.
   -Tim L.

After successfully stalking the wily Tupperware container, the ferocious Dust Bunni feeds...
   -Tim L.

Rabbits should be fed vegetables, but in a pinch, an orange saftey cone will suffice.
   -Tim L.

While most people think a Slinky is powered by gravity, they actually live off a healthy diet of rabbit meat.
   -Elmer Fudd

"Hey Rocky, Watch me pull a rabbit out of my Slinky..."

The negotiators yelled to the slinky, "OK, drop the rabbit and no one gets hurt!"

"Oh, my ears and whiskers! I shall never fit down the rabbit hole now! I should never have had that mushroom omelette!"

Rabbits finally have the brains to use a slinky as a mobile hole.

the scientists project had succeeded in combining 75% DNA of a rabbit and 25% DNA of a slinky to make a new breed of animal

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I love my Christmas present!"
   -Skookum Du

Gettin' kinky with a slinky.
   -Amy Sherman

I hate it when my hare gets caught in my slinky.
   -Amy Sherman

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Oh, that's my hare net.

Did that nasty hunter leave yet? Oh I know he can't see me now...I hope!
   -Jim Andrew

It's orange, but... It's not a CARROT!

Slinky, It's what's for dinner
   -The Undeniably Chibi One

White meat or dark meat?

The new rabbit muzzle

Slinky 2: It wants your pets...
   -Alex VA

Alice watched the rabbit from a distance, saw it squeeze into the slinky and dissapear beyond the bounds of her world.

*sigh* I can't wait to be a famous magician's rabbit...but I can only dream of living in an actual hat.

It looks as if the Petro Rabbits of Galgana 4 got their revenge on the Autobots.

wabbit had an "earry" feeling he was being watched.

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