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"Give us back our noses or I strangle the kid!"
   -Frank Muckley

Charlie's Angels: The Next Generation
   -Sailor Popeye

Stop squeezing, my bladder is full!
   -Tim L.

Unfortunately, the show My Four-Headed Mutant Girlfriend had poor ratings.
   -Tim L.

"Hmmmmm," thought Teiko. "Since when do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Japan?"

I see the Power Rangers have taken on a new look.

there were two outcasts in the green haired girls club

This year's blockbuster movies... Attack of the Incestuous Killer Zombies

Another family portrait gone horribly awry

"I'm the lawn mower, and your head is grass!" Hey, it really is!!!

Hey, will somebody draw the rest of us already?
   -Jim Andrew

1 out of every 10 artists can only draw from the breasts up...don't become a number.

I swear if you squeeze me any harder my bladder is going to explode on your Sailor Scout uniform.

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