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"I didn't mean to decapitate the kitty. Honest!"
   -Frank Muckley

Maybe Santa will bring you the rest of the kitty next Christmas.
   -Tim L.

Mom, do we have any Krazy Glue?
   -Tim L.

Mom, Kitty coughed up a hairball, but it didn't fit past her throat.
   -Tim L.

Mom, I looked up the word "neuter" in the dictionary, and... Well, what the vet did to Kitty doesn't seem quite right.
   -Tim L.

Okay Gargamel, leave the Smurfs alone, or you'll never find out where I hid the rest of Azrial.
   -Tim L.

Nancy's self esteem improved greatly after she had that ugly mole removed.
   -Tim L.

You don't like it? But your basketball is so pretty now...
   -Nick C.

Rennie thought she was doing Luna a favor by feeding the cat helium...

Susie, why can't you carve pumpkins for Halloween like everyone else?
   -Tim L.

"...and Molly is tres chic wearing a hibiscus flower as a dress and carrying her pet's head as a purse..."

"But ET you forgot to fix Kitty"

"But dad the cat really did lose its body in the kitty litter"

Me and kittey were going to play dodge ball , but we couldn't find a ball!
   -Tom Servo

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Who knew cats could be so fragile?
   -Tom Servo

"This is all I could find in the I in trouble?"

But...I didn't want a ball with ears!

But Mom, you KNOW I hate head cheese!

But mommy...I thought it would look good impaled on a stick in front of our house!

But MOM, kitty helped me get a strike and 2 spares!
   -Amy Sherman

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