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Oh my God, they killed Timmy! You bastards!
   -Kyle W.

   -Tim L.

Even on tough spills Bounty is the Quicker Picker-Upper!
   -Tim L.

Apparently the latest version of Microsoft Windows contained a bigger bug than anyone had ever imagined.
   -Tim L.

Player was killed by a Grunt.

If only he had been wearing his selt belt.
   -Tim L.

Another victim of teen smoking.
   -Tim L.

See what happens when you run with scissors?
   -Tim L.

Dear Mom, These new shoes you sent me really suck!
   -Tim L.

Tim forgot to put on the Flubber first.
   -F. P. Muckley

One Slain in Spice Girls Rampage
   -The Boston Globe

"I won't rest until I find the real killer."
   -O. J. Simpson

Subsequent legislation made all types of floors illegal in 37 states.
   -Tim L.

"Notice he does not so much fly, as plummet..."
   -- Monty Python (Nick C.)

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The community college theater production of "Vertigo" turned tragic today...

Needless to say, Tim's pick-up-lines were never very good.
   -F. P. Muckley

Never ask a woman her age.
   -Tim L.

Cheerleading in Kanji: "Give me a Shi-an..."

"His jumping front kick had good form, but the landing...."
   -Paul C.

Class, do you see now how important transporter coordinates can be?

If he had any more to eat he could've hurt himself worse.

his boss told him it would be safer if he took the steps

"I told him not to slide down the rail."
   -Tom Servo

My first time ice-skating.

White Man's Breakdance.

Gymnastics Club Petitions Budget Committee for Vaulting Horse

That's going to leave a mark.
   -Amy Sherman

When architects use blueprints by Escher.
   -Amy Sherman

Okay, now try it WITH the bungee cord.
   -Amy Sherman

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When a 'Fear Factor' stunt goes bad...
   -Jim Andrew

"Why do I always land on my keys?!"

That's a strange looking snow angel Tim.
   -ty in mad

Ironically, this was the last shot found in the camera.

Looks like someone needs extra-strength Tylenol.

I can't stand taking him to parties with me. HE ALWAYS has to be the center of attention.

Let's stick to our story. He was like that when we got here right? RIGHT?

Don't you wish everything was made Rubbermaid?

"That's great, now hold that pose Tim.... Tim?.... Timmy?.... Hey man, this isn't funny"

Splat! Hey, that's onomatopoeia.
   -David Kincannon

Humans weep, crows rejoice.

His balance was so bad he even had to hold on to the floor

A test subject in our Frictionless Shoes expiriment...we are still working out the bugs...

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