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  • Episode I: Naboo and Droid Fighter - Players simulate a dogfight between the ships, and the first ship to receive ten blaster hits will fly apart in breakaway pieces. Real sound effects from the movie make this an exciting Star Wars experience.
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  • Laser Challenge 2000 - Top-selling Laser Challenge has become the brand to beat in the world of IR tag with their sleek designs, satisfying sounds, and dependable, durably designed ordnance. The Team Force 2000 set fully equips two light warriors with strap-on vest units and infrared blasters.
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  • Laser Challenge Gotcha Extreme - Included are two Laser Challenge Gotcha Extreme Blasters (each requiring three AA batteries, not included) and two Laser Challenge Gotcha Extreme Sensor Vests.
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  • Laser Challenge Radar Extreme - A discerning laser tagger packs a sidearm built by top-selling Laser Challenge--the best of the best opts for LC's Radar Extreme, a tricked-out IR blaster that boasts a 350-foot range. The Radar Extreme set outfits two elite gun-fighters with laser pistols and sensor vests, complete with convincing digital sound effects.
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  • Lazer Tag Academy - It's the story of Jamie, the Lazer Tag Champion of the Universe, and her friends, who use their skills to right wrongs and battle evil doers. Follow them on their exploits, and prepare for fast paced action and adventure.
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